The Deluxe


One of JJF's new favorites for the 2016 WSL Tour, The Deluxe is ideal for weaker, small to medium sized surf.

It's rocker- lower nose and medium tail- is designed to help you gain and hold speed easily, while still allowing for quick and precise direction change in less than ideal surf.

It has a slightly fuller, boxy rail that will add to the flow and keep you on top of the water through flat sections.

It also features a mild double concave running all through the bottom (which gets the board up on top of the water,and also tips from rail to rail easily, adding a loose feel in weak waves) It blends into deeper double concave in the fins and turns into a double barreled V off the tail, providing lift, drive and looseness.

The outline has a nice hip to add snap, and a wider tail-block for lift (speed).

The Deluxe is a great all-around shortboard that excels in slop .

Ride around your height or +1'' , 1/4''to 1/2''wider and a touch thicker than your good wave board.