The Crazy Train


The Crazy Train is simply an XXL size version of our Padillac Model

Riding this model John John Florence won the 2016 Eddie contest, Billy Kemper won the 2015 Jaws contest and Mark Healey won the Bilabong 2014 XXL Biggest Paddle Award. Suffice to say that this design has been tested by the world's best surfers in the world's biggest surf and it passed with 5 Stars! This model started out as the brain child of Healey's many years of challenging giant surf, and is the final result of having the world's best big wave riders working together with me to perfect a board that will not only paddle into the biggest waves, but also ride smooth, maneuverable and fast. The Crazy Train has been ridden at Jaws, Mavricks, Cortes Bank, Waimea, and all of Oahu's Outer Reefs.

It's full, thicker nose, allows for great paddling momentum and a stable ride in bumpy conditions. The thickness is pulled down from the center of the board through to the tail, giving it bite and control at high speed.

Among others, we have made these for Healey, John John and Nathan Florence, Kiron Jabour, Eli Olson, Koa Rothman, Tom Dosland, Koa Smith ,Ryan Hipwood, Billy Kemper, Sunny Garcia, Bruce Irons, Dingo Morrison and Frank Solomon.