The Amp

The AMP comes about from working with JJF to create a board that excels in smaller, weaker waves, giving more flow and drive when the waves aren't that good. It is now a part of his world travel quiver and comes out when the surf gets slow.

The outline is slightly fuller through the nose and tail, and has a nice little hip going into the tail before the fins to keep it loose. It also has a very slight ''S" deck, which means that the thickness is focused under the front foot area, and it has more moderate tail and nose thickness for sensitivity and performance.

It has a medium entry rocker with a lot of single concave (more than any of our other shortboards) which gives a lot of lift and planing speed, especially through slower sections, and the medium/high tail rocker keeps it maneuverable at all times. Overall this is a great board to add to your smaller-wave game and is a good all arounder for most places in the world with less than epic waves.

I recommend going an inch shorter than your good wave shortboard, and a little wider/thicker as well. A little extra foam is always your friend in less then perfect conditions.